Libart Pakistan

Libart designs and fabricates kinetic architectural systems for discerning architects and professional clients from all around the world. Libart’s aluminum and glass retractable structures are innovative, functional and aesthetically attractive.

System Catalogue

Indoor Comfort, Outdoor Freedom

How much revenue do you lose per table when it’s too cold or wet to service your clients outdoors? You may have considered enclosing your patio permanently for year-round use but who wants to be indoors on a beautiful summer day? Libart café patios and restaurant skylights allow you to seat customers to their comfort at any point of the year providing you a greater return on your property.

Don’t let the weather decide your operating season in your outdoor facility. With Libart retractable systems you no longer need an indoor and an outdoor pool or recreation center. Combined these facilities under a Libart retractable structure and reduce your capital cost and operating expenses.

You work hard to have the best life for your family. What do you do with your outdoor pool or patio in the winter months, or who wants to be in a solarium or patio enclosure in the hot sunny summer days? With Libart retractable systems, your pool or patio is an indoor or outdoor environment within minutes.

Automotive, aerospace, marine, military are some the many industries who have selected Libart’s industrial solutions for, clean rooms, environmentally contained manufacturing or assembly structures, machine shelters, large access covers for water or sewage treatment facilitıes. How can we help you?