Challenge Accepted!!

When we say “Custom Engineering”, we mean CUSTOM ENGINEERING. Here’s where our experience comes to play and here’s what makes us unparalleled in Pakistan. The project required Aluminum Air Foils of variable lengths (1.5m to 6m) fixed at a 45 degree tilt in front of the exterior windows. While the end foils were to be held by stainless steel clamps, the intermediary lengths were to be suspended by means of a stainless steel circular tube driven through. The 45 degree angle was calculated to funnel maximum air flow.

A daunting task delivered within tight deadlines, the aluminum profile for the Air Foil followed a custom design and had to be developed and extruded from scratch. The clamps were also fabricated accordingly providing adequate anchorage to the unit. The project delivered to the client’s satisfaction.

Alfa Engineering continues its tradition to innovate and conquer one challenge after another.