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When we say “Custom Engineering”, we mean CUSTOM ENGINEERING. Here’s where our experience comes to play and here’s what makes us unparalleled in Pakistan. The project required Aluminum Air Foils of variable lengths (1.5m to 6m) fixed at a 45 degree tilt in front of the exterior windows. While the end foils were to be held by stainless steel clamps, the intermediary lengths were to be suspended by means of a stainless steel circular tube driven through. The 45 degree angle was calculated to funnel maximum air flow.

A daunting task delivered within tight deadlines, the aluminum profile for the Air Foil followed a custom design and had to be developed and extruded from scratch. The clamps were also fabricated accordingly providing adequate anchorage to the unit. The project delivered to the client’s satisfaction.

Alfa Engineering continues its tradition to innovate and conquer one challenge after another.


A BMU or Building Maintenance Unit is the safest and most complete form of suspended access system.

Lightweight and compact, made out of aluminium alloy, Alfa Engineering Products deploys TRACTEL® platforms to serve the needs of its customers. These platforms fall into the following categories

  1. Powered platforms (hoist on the platform).
  2. Working cradles without hoist

These are no ordinary cradles. These are sophisticated yet easy to use, custom engineered solutions providing the highest level of safety and usability, catering to the challenging requirements of cleaning and maintaining glass facades.

Taking a step towards Passive Solar Protection, Alfa Engineering Products facilitates Habib University in reducing its reliance on mechanical cooling systems, triggering reduction in energy consumption. Alfa’s large louver blades offer unique versatility as design elements for the building envelope.


The system can be fixed to the curtain wall or to an independent structure, remaining consistent with the overall architecture.

Blade Options

  • Vertical / Horizontal
  • Box / Elliptical / Angular / Custom Designs
  • Motorised – allowing occupants to enjoy the benefits of solar gain in winter, solar protection in summer and to finely control natural light
  • Semi-elliptical blades from 175mm to 300mm
  • Angled – according to the façade orientation for maximum efficiency
  • Single piece blades – from 100mm to 300mm
  • Multi-part blades
  • Automatic or manual.

Habib University Foundation trusts Alfa Engineering Products for installation of Horizontal Air Foils / Louvers at its amphitheater. The project required integrating 12″ Aluminum Extruded Louver as part of the products and components that helped achieve sustainability goals. Horizontal Air Foils shade roughly around 9000 sq.ft. area from mid-day sun. The job marks yet another successful implementation for an ambitious project utilizing specialized aluminum extrusions.

The Titanic Hotel located in Belek, Antalya is everything the name implies: grandiose, elegant and inviting. The courtyard plaza of the hotel is covered by a classical and beautiful garden, complemented by 14 completely retractable skylights ranging from 5.1m x 4.8m (16’8″ x 15’8″) to 6.4m x 20.8m (21′ x 66’4″) that cover a shopping and recreation area.

Individually motor operated these terrace skylights provide the hotel tenants with a beautiful indoor and outdoor feel whilst strolling through the halls and enjoying the sitting spaces. Rain detectors will automatically close the retractable roofing, however the command console operates each of the 14 roofs individually to create the ideal climate.

Projects like this are a fantastic example of how our flexible designs and method can help provide the ideal retractable enclosure to ensure you indoor comfort, outdoor freedom.


14 skylights, CEFS / R2 Retraction, Freestanding E design, Glazing, 6mm Tempered Sun Energy + 12mm Air gap + (5mm clear+0,76mmpvb+5mm clear laminated) insulated glass. The structural system is made of electrostatic powder coated 6063 aluminum, and all other hardware are made of stainless material. 380V-50Hz electrical motors, Steel reinforced belt drive, with individual and group control option and automatic close in case of rain.

Presenting the best quality Aluminium Windows and Doors fabricated in Pakistan. Glazed areas bring light and fresh air into your closed environment. But they can also let in noise, glare, moisture and leaks, and most significantly allow heat to escape. “Alfa” Sliding and Hinged Units are designed to cater all these issues while offering comfort, appeal, aesthetics, and reduced energy costs ensuring your investment is returned.

“Alfa” Sliding and Hinged Units are engineered to last a lifetime with Perfect Balance Between Form and Function.

  • Strong, Rigid, Energy efficient construction
  • Properly sealed; well insulated
  • Weather resistant; 100% Rust free
  • With Heavy duty hardware and fittings
  • Available in Rich finishes in Anodized/RAL/Wood Textures
  • Laminated Glazing for Safety
  • Double Glazing for Reduced Sound and Heat
  • Accommodates 5mm to 30mm Glazing
  • Fixed & Adjustable Louvers available in combination
  • Environment friendly products
  • Maintenance Free / No Recurring Costs

Motion in Architecture

The first among Minneapolis restaurants, the Union now features a dining experience unlike no other, providing its customers to enjoy the patio’s comforts year round with its Retractable Glass Roofing. Now even you can achieve a hybrid of indoor and outdoor architecture.

Solution Highlights:

Freestanding design (10m w x 22m l x 6.7m h) (30’w x 70’l x 22’h)
4 modules – 12 bays, motorized operation, opening in less than 10 minutes.
Glazed with insulated and reflective glass (6mm tempered +12 (4+4)mm laminated). The gable end side aluminum profiles are heat insulated and complete with folding doors.
The structural system is made of aluminum, and all other hardware are made of stainless steel.

How Can Libart Work For You?

Libart custom designs and fabricates light and functional operable structures. What are commonly known as kinetic structures we create multipurpose retractable buildings that expand the functionality and extend the use of residential, commercial and industrial spaces.

Libart is proud to venture into Pakistan through its channel partner Alfa Engineering Products. Enjoy Indoor Comfort, Outdoor Freedom with Sliding Roofs, Retractable Enclosures, Pool and Patio Covers, Moving Skylights, all custom fabricated to suit your individual needs.